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Fast & Reliable, Multilingual Localization Project Outsourcing to India from France

It is very obvious and well established fact that outsourcing takes away the stress for working on the supporting business i.e. foreign language translation services, so that you can focus more on the core competencies. Outsourcing also reduces your translation cost significantly and also gives you quality translation work to fulfill your requirement. All your language translation work can be outsourced to Lingvopedia, India as we are a team of highly qualified professional linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, quality assurance managers, web programmers, multilingual desktop publishers, account managers and HR managers.

Republic of India has become a major hub of linguistic jobs and projects outsourcing in the world and Lingvopedia, India is a proud participant of the same due to many reasons like better and faster communication skills, highly skilled yet cheaper human resources, qualified professional linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, quality assurance managers, web programmers, multilingual desktop publishers and account managers, and time zone. Time zone makes a huge difference because we have helped the county complete the assigned work by their evening or night since the night of 1 country means day in India. Lingvopedia is happy to work with the clients across France.

Looking to outsource foreign language localization assignments from your company in Germany to Lingvopedia, India ?

If the answer is “Yes”, then Lingvopedia is happy to provide you with a wide range of language localization solutions to solve all the language barrier problems that your company faces while operating globally. No matter how occasionally or often your foreign language localization needs may be; having a reliable partner for your business needs will definitely be an advantage for you due to some or all of the following reasons…

  • Plan your foreign language projects, from draft to completion
  • Find the best foreign language human resource talent to handle your localization request
  • Manage intercultural and multilingual team as a part of your project
  • Train the foreign language expert freelancers on exactly how you want things done
  • Monitor the localization project(s) as they progress
  • Communicate with the entire team, religiously
  • Localization company like ours can often meet very tight deadlines
  • Check quality before you see deliverables as we have a well practiced quality control process
  • Our team is having high learning curve and therefore we can modify our structure as per your technological requirements
  • We understand the breach of confidentiality
  • File sharing is through a secured server
  • Management cost is cheaper in India, because of which we can provide you with the same work involving same professionals and work force at a competitive price
  • Many more…

Lingvopedia has a portfolio of clients across markets in France including healthcare, financial services, government, telecom, manufacturing, insurance, entertainment, travel, and more.

For information on how Lingvopedia is helping clients achieve their strategic multi-cultural marketing and localization compliance objectives sitting here in India, please call +91 9818942929, or email at