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Outsource Fast & Reliable, Multilingual Localization Project from Canada to India

Since the inception its operations, Lingvopedia having more than a decade experience has specialized in providing translation and interpretation services in major languages of the world with main focused French, Hindi & Punjabi languages. At the same moment global network of foreign languages consultant, we offer quality and cost-effective services for foreign language projects by committing itself to setting up a convenient secured platform for our language services that suits the outsourcing standards of companies based in Canada.

We have long believed that the success of multinational companies based in Canada and companies of Canada  operating at multinational level is directly linked to the culture and language of respective country / city for which you can rely best and leader in  foreign language services provider named Lingvopedia Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India to help your company achieve local and global recognition. 

We have admired the success in promoting associations of other industries based in Toronto, Vancouver and Ontario. Simultaneously, we are pleased to offer our foreign language solutions to new clients seeking to outsource foreign language requirement to a professional translation and interpretation company.

Looking to outsource foreign language localization assignments from your company based in Canada to Lingvopedia, India ?

If the answer is “Yes”, then Lingvopedia is happy to provide you with a wide range of language localization solutions to solve all the language barrier that your company faces in global operation. No matter how occasionally language localization requirement may be; having a trusted localization partner for your business needs will definitely be a great advantage for you due to some or all of the following reasons listed …

  • Request for quote for foreign language projects, from draft to completion
  • Find the best professional linguist to handle your localization request
  • Connect associate and multilingual team as a part of your project
  • Instruct empanelled linguist as per your expectations
  • Get updates on localization project(s) for the current status
  • Communicate with the entire team when required
  • Company ready to meet very tight deadlines
  • We have experience team who follows strict quality control process
  • We have a qualified  team having high learning curve and therefore we can match your CAT tool requirements
  • We understand the breach of confidentiality and NDA is signed with associated professionals
  • If needed file sharing is through a secured server and password protected
  • Get a competitive quotation as management cost is cheaper in India as compared to Canada
  • Many more…

Lingvopedia is a trusted name for clients across markets in Canada including healthcare, immigration, legal, financial services, government, telecom, manufacturing, insurance, entertainment, travel, and more.

Lock the best foreign language solutions and hand over the keys, forever by outsourcing localization projects to Lingvopedia, a translation services supplier.

Discover Lingvopedia’s localization Services, translation services, interpretation services, typesetting services, translator recruitment services, audio video transcription services, voice-over services and more in various Indian and foreign languages, through this warmly welcomed RFP

Outsourcing translation can be complicated, however, at Lingvopedia we make it easy, suitable and economical under the guidance and assistance of our associated professionals. For information, please call +91 9818942929, or email at