Now get to know our dedicated Team and how they work

In any organization it is very important for the team to work together for a common goal. We all are familiar that the organization is nothing without a congenial environment and it is dually important to have a co-operative plus friendly leader who can manage different people with oh! so different psychologies as one team.

Let’s get started with the human resources working in our company, they are experienced and enthusiastic professionals working in-house and as native professional language experts. We are a team of expert in-house employees, freelancer associates and other associated vendors who are capable enough to coordinate and deliver language solutions designed around the client’s localization need.

About the team:

Key Accounts Managers

After the sales process of a new client, Key Account Manager is the primary contact for you as a new client or a returning client. Our account’s managers serve as the interface between the CRM activities and the Project Management activities in the company. They fulfill the activities described below:

Coordination- Interact and coordinate with the sales team, project managers and other staff members in other departments working on the same account.

  • Arrange and Reconcile Quotations- Establish and reconcile quotations with the client and sales team.
  • Contract Renewals- Identify contract renewals and signing of new contract on approval of the quotations.
  • Project Management- Assign the projects to the project managers. Contribute to the selection of the right language resources for development and delivery of our services and participate as needed in project management, to ensure proper and consistent communication with the client. They further coordinate with the technical division department, language experts, clients etc.
  • Deadlines and Delivery- They Keep eye on timely deadlines being met by the project managers.
  • Manage Conflicts- Manage and solve conflicts with clients on any grievance related to the deadline, quality, invoice, quotations etc.

Our Key Accounts Manager plays a vital role in ensuring that your needs as a new or returning client are met. We try our level best to make the customers feel the need of our services again and again by never giving them any chance to regret.

Project Management Team

The ‘Project Management team’ is the heart if we can say as it handles all the aspects of our services. They aim to select an appropriately experienced linguist from our database of language specialists according to the required services. Hence, the position of ‘Project Manager’ is not a cake walk it requires more than just skills. We appoint dedicated and hard working Project Managers for the project bases on the various types of service selections.

Technical Division Team

As an online translation company, the technological wizards behind our computing systems are what make us tick. Our highly skilled technical division incorporates in-house programmers, software engineers, designers and developers, and enables us to manage any format or technical requirement.

Our Technical Division also provide support and training for our other services too.

Information Technology Department

Translation Technology

Saving your precious time and hard earned money is a part of our business goal for which technology is amazingly useful. Technology is no doubt a boon for our team to empower localisation and translation solutions of all types of materials, in all mediums, on all platforms (including PC, Mainframe, Mac, UNIX, PocketPC, and PalmOS platforms) by using CAT tools combination with other tools like PMS, CMS etc.

CAT Tools builds Translation Memory and re-uses previously translated common phrases and sentences so you don’t have to spend your hard earned money over and over again. Therefore, we aim at speeding up the work and lowering up costs for! Putting this tool for all of our translation professionals means that it will benefits not just us but to both of us – the client and Lingvopedia in terms of cost and time.

At Lingvopedia, we pride ourselves in our ability to implement and improve emerging technologies so, that we can work faster and in a smarter way for our clients. Client’s satisfaction is our motive.

DTP Technology

We make use of MS Word, Coral 16, Adobe CS 7, Quark, Fonts Suvidha, TTF and Unicode Keyboards etc.

Interpretation and placement solutions technology

We make use of recruitment MIS and PMS technology for delivering key interpretation projects.

Transcription Technology

We prefer manual transcription over voice recognition technology as we not only transcribe in English but we do multilingual transcriptions as well. We can transcribe on your existing system and our resources are experienced in a wide variety of technological platforms including Dictaphone, eScription, MediTech, C-Quence etc. We also make use of Multilingual Keyboards, Fonts etc.

Subtitling Technology

Each language specialist has intensive experience to work on different software’s before becoming Lingvopedia-Vetted Sub-Titler. Our experts have software skills—such as time-cueing and positioning of BD and DVD subtitles.

All these resources can be used for software required for subtitling.

We are having a technical team of IT experts, their roles are to suggest, manage, upgrade and maintain on-going technological requirements to keep us ahead in this industry.

Web Administrators Team

As we all are aware that they are responsible for improving a company’s organic search results. Therefore we have the best Web Administrators and Online Marketing executives. They create and launches SEO campaigns, identify areas of improvement, run PPC campaigns, and attempts to improve our ranking in major search engines. They also spread the word about Lingvopedia in word wide web by using multilingual keywords and lastly promote our translated texts online.

Human Resources Team

Managing human resource is really a dotting task as it requires a person who has the capability to identify the right kind of person for the particular job. People are the cornerstone of any successful business, but it’s always important to match the right person with the job.

As one of the top global translating agencies, London and Edinburgh – as two key capital cities – is where we have based our main UK operational hubs. This is also where our directors, marketing personnel and UK/European in-country Account managers are based.

But with operations spread across four continents, the need to find the right people is just as important in Romania and Panama as it is in the UK; which is why we always recruit those who possess the relevant skills and experience required for the job.

Marketing and Sales Team

Marketing and sales team supports us to spread Lingvopedia’s good word local and global. Their role is to circulate accurate and responsive marketing material of the language services we offer. The team work on various marketing strategies for both businesses and individuals but their focus has always been open and honest in all the proposals and marketing materials they share.

Corporate Communications Team

The team gives the strategic direction to all our communication materials. They execute all business communication activities and make correspondence by various communication channels to formulate and execute effective brand development in the eyes of both the clients and the resources like translators, interpreters & other linguists.

Support Team

As of now each team head is in itself a support staff and is responsible to ensure the smooth day-to-day functioning of our company in overall activities of its operation.