Subtitle FAQ

How long will it take you to subtitle my video?

Punctuality is our priority therefore; we aim to return 1 hour video per subtitle expert within 24 hours of receipt of the order, Monday to Saturday. Most will be delivered much sooner. Orders received after midday on a Friday will be delivered by midday on Monday.

If you need weekend delivery, there is no hassle in this; we can arrange it for you. As we value our clients and their needs, so please let us know in advance if you need them sooner.

We promise to give you accuracy but occasionally, there are times when there are technical problem with the video file which can lead to delay in the delivery time. In which case, we will get in touch to discuss it with you.

What if I need my file sooner than 24 hours?

As we have already mentioned that we aim at being punctual hence we know that deadlines are crucial. We will always do our best to accommodate yours. All you need to do is please email us with your job name and deadline, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I send my video to you?

It is very easy to send files to us. If the file size is less than 10 MB then, you can send them directly to us by email else, you can upload them straight from your PC to our website using our secure 128-bit SSL encryption simple file upload system i.e. FTP. It is entirely upon you, if you don’t feel at ease with both the mediums then you can courier the files to our mailing address addressing the concerned.

How do I give you permission to download my video?

On Vimeo, either set Privacy to “Anyone” or “Only people I choose”, and add Access Subtitling to the list. Then under “What can people do with this video?” tick the “Download the video” box.

On YouTube, set Privacy to “Unlisted” or “Public” and we’ll do the rest.

What format subtitle file will you send me?

For YouTube, we will supply you with a professional format EBU file with the extension .STL, unless you request anything different. Vimeo have a more restricted list of accepted formats, so we will send you an .SRT file. If you need another format – .PAC, .XML etc – state this in the spellings/comments box on your order form.

How do I load my subtitle file onto my YouTube or Vimeo video?

It’s really easy and quick to add your subtitle file to your video in both YouTube and Vimeo. It will take less than a minute. See our Using Your Subtitle File page for clear instructions.

How will potential viewers know that there are subtitles available on my video?

YouTube will automatically add “cc” (closed captions) to your listing. Vimeo have a “cc” icon on the toolbar. You can see examples on our websites that are Using Your Subtitle File page.

Why do you ask for spellings of names?

You might find it silly but let me illustrate you why we want it so, here you go. Jon or John? Kathryn or Catherine? Elena or Eleanor? Ashlee or Ashley? Steven or Stephen? Hence, now are you convinced why we ask for it and why It’s important to get it right.

How do I pay for my subtitle order?

There is a convenient option to get this right on time for both of us. Once your order has been processed for subtitling, we will send you a request for payment from PayPal. Then once we’ve finished your job, we’ll check with PayPal that payment’s been received and send your file straight out. Your payment will be secure and you don’t need a PayPal account. Isn’t that’s really simple.

If you use Access Subtitling regularly, you could set up an account, which will be invoiced monthly. So, what are you waiting for, please contact us if you’re interested in setting up an account.

Can I use my subtitle file outside of YouTube or Vimeo?

Absolutely, there is o doubt about it. There are many video editing packages available that allow you to upload a subtitle file to your project. You only need to make an effort in finding out what format your software can use (.SRT, .XML, .PAC, .STL) and we will help you by simply supplying it to you.

Can I change the font and size of my subtitles?

Yes off course why not. You can change the look of the subtitles when you are viewing a YouTube video, but wait you can’t control the end viewers’ settings. Mostly regular subtitle users have a well set font, size and background that they personally find clear and accessible.

For instance Vimeo display closed captions in a standard font and size.

Can you burn in subtitles to my video so they are permanently displayed?

Yes, we can do this for you. However, as it requires extra production processes, this is more expensive.