Whatever may be the reason for increasing an education qualification, the number of students studying abroad from India has been increasing. Some of the research studies show that the Indian student statistics of study abroad reached its all-time high in the academic year 2012 – 2013.
Not only are expenses associated with study abroad increasing, but at the same time, scholarships, financial aid, grants, and fellowships that used to be available to study are also increasing. One of the expense related to the study abroad formalities is the visa and its related documents which are to be attested by the Ministry Of External Affairs, India and then further need to be translated by a certified translator or a company into English or a foreign language of a particular country of the education body’s location (As per the law and compliance of a particular country’s consulate). Also, for some countries like Germany, the student visa is conditional on the basis of them achieving an A1 certificate in German language from a reputed local institute which is again one of the related expenses.
There are many foreign language companies based in India who understands the need for beginners’ foreign language course and accurate translation services and have a team of experts to provide high quality language services to multiple industries including students who are planning to go abroad for their studies and are applying for visa.
• Foreign language course. Whether you are translating archives at a museum or plan on corresponding with local people of a foreign country, being fluent in the required language other than English can be very useful once you land. In addition to getting the visa, speaking the actual language at a beginner level, a language course can help you hone in on communication skills.
• Visa document translations. As a study abroad student, you will have to get your documents translated effectively, which includes selection of a certified translation agency that provides professional translation services.
In short, admission to foreign universities abroad also requires foreign language translation services and foreign language learning services which increases professional translation and language learning prospects. Seeing this increased prospects, the translation industry in India has largely standardized the courses and the translation procedure of the required documents like 10th mark sheet, 10 + 2 mark sheet, medical fitness certificate, HIV certificate, birth certificate, graduation mark sheet, invitation letter, scholarship letter, and other related documents that are required by the embassy of the country where the university exist.

A language solution company like Lingvopedia Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd. based in India helps you build valuable foreign language skills and translates all the related documents into the language required by the consulate which are then certified by our company, while you document them. They review each and every single word of translation and thoroughly check all finalized documents in order to achieve optimum readability, consistency and style.

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