How we maintain quality!

As a leading multilingual solutions agency, Lingvopedia ensures your company receives the highest quality of translation services, interpretation services, multilingual DTP services and other multilingual needs to fulfill your long term business goals.

In the last 7 years of operations we have continuously recruited native certified human linguists from the trusted platforms specializing in various industry domains through a formalized screening process. After their screening, we have gradually given them small business or sample jobs which has helped us in shortlisting the right candidate for your work in your domain. Also, having a continuous feedback of our linguists from customers, validators and experts we have built up a reliable linguist pool, and it makes all the difference.

We are proud to be an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company.

Having said that, Lingvopedia  guarantees quality by using linguist selection process, recommending support and review by a second linguist  and technology on several layers.

Selecting Professional Language Experts & Team

  • Each project is carefully assigned to professional language experts only by our carefully chosen in-house team.
  • The quality of work is screened and checked manually before begining to provide any language service.
  • We monitor each and every project with set guidelines as per the project and type of language service.

Recommending Second Linguist Review or Support

You may purchase the services of additional language expert at a lower price for all your language solutions offered as 2 pairs of humans are better than one where a 100 percent accurate solution is of real concern.

For Translations: Seeing the complexity of the documents and the budget, we tell our clients to go for proofreading services by a second translator. If the budget doesn’t allow, then we closely monitor feedback ratings left on translations by the client, which allow us to implement the changes on the translated file.

For Interpretations: Like Simultaneous Interpretations, since the conversion takes place almost instantaneously the interpreter cannot stop the speech to catch up or to ask questions and need a support of another expert to take over. For this reason simultaneous interpreting is only done in teams of 2 interpreters who take turns every 20-30 minutes.

For Multilingual DTP, Transcription & Other Linguistic Services: A proofreading is definitely recommended by a second linguist with the same reasoning as given for translations.

Implementing Technology

We often strive to improve our quality by implementing new technologies related to our services. Simultaneously, we check each and every project  to verify the solution is 100% human with maximum use of technology to provide fast and reliable language services.