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It is not unusual to see clients coming to Lingvopedia, a professional translation agency to avail its document translation services to translate relevant text. Our passion for document translation is a part of our routine services, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with it.

Above all, we are so much more than just a translator, as we deliver with not only a professional team of translators. Still, everyone else in-house has a responsibility to provide a real and rewarding translating experience.

Managing Diverse Translation Projects

With the support of a dedicated team, our company translate projects of any language, from any country, from anywhere, under one roof. We also translate specialized industry-wise documents in multilingual languages of the world. This diversification connects the linguistically different audience of our clients from legal, advertisement, medical, immigration, and other industries.

Besides, we assign professional proofreaders and editors at as a paid service, which refines the translated text by incorporating technology, maintaining preferred glossary terminology and the style the specifications established during the planning phase of the translation project.

Translation Services That Protect Confidentiality

Also, security concerns of the clients related to their documents are security concerns of Lingvopedia itself, so we take necessary steps to avoid a breach of confidentiality while we translate confidential documents.

They are translating since 2006 in 60 + languages with the most dedicated team In – House. The latter is working closely with 1000 + language translation professionals & suppliers giving best translation solutions to 600+ clients mainly within India, Canada, USA, UK and Netherlands. In other words, the above facts and many millions of statements of experience speak for Lingvopedia.

Certified Translation Services

Distinctively, we also provide certified translation services with possibilities to give notarized certificates and official documents translations with the fastest turnaround.

Lingvopedia has earned for itself the trust of its clients as a professional translation agency, they can count on us, for quality and certified translation services. Be a part of the experience and get a quick, low cost per word or page, professional translation services for your industry by seeking a quote below.

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