Press Release January…!

Let’s get to know Lingvopedia Language Solutions through the eyes of our Founder Mr. Rahul Malik.

With a new perspective and a brand new outlook Lingvopedia has reformed its logo and location. It has been eight long years since inception of our company. Lingvopedia language solutions aim at creating a significant and positive difference in serving the language requirements of our clients. Lingvopedia initially proceeded to become an acclaimed market leader in the field of linguistic services.

Since these years Lingvopedia is providing professional translation services, professional interpretation services, overseas translator recruitment services, multilingual typesetting services, audio transcription services, multilingual voice over services and many more services in Asian, European, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern languages.

This is not just the end but there is much more that we do here. As a Localization Services supplier, to be really honest we are proud to announce that we aim to provide quality translation services that are extraordinary in itself. With Lingvopedia Platinum Language Services we give you the extreme pleasure of having the best foreign language solutions but the most trusted localization solutions.

We involve in- house and freelance linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, quality assurance managers, web programmers, multilingual desktop publishers, account managers, and HR managers to make sure that we are always there for our clients for any RFP at your end. Since 7th May 2006 we have never looked back and with the transformation in our company we aim to serve you in much better way

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Press Release February….!!

7th May 2006 yes, this was the year when we were born. Since this day we have never looked back, our founder Mr. Rahul Malik had a dream and now it has flourished as a beautiful reality. Our logo and location got recently transformed; this made us begin a new interesting episode of success. The long span of eight years is not just unbelievable but it is amazing as well.

At Lingvopedia Language Solutions always aims at serving all the requirements of our clients. There is no doubt that we are preceding ladder by ladder to conquer the world of Translation Services. Now let me introduce to you the services that we provide to our customers. Starting with Professional Translation Services, Professional Interpretation Services we provide some other services like Multilingual Typesetting services, audio transcription, and multilingual voice over services, and many more.

Since the starting of this year we aim at creating something new that makes our customers more comfortable. Hence we have introduced online payment acceptance. Isn’t it a good surprise for all your payment related hassles! Now payment related issues are solved with just a click. We understand that money is hard earned it requires loads of efforts and time to earn money. Hence with this online payment acceptance we assure you that your hard earned money is safe and secure while you get through with the payment process. This service was launched on 5th February 2015 just for the convenience of our clients.

We have introduced Lingvopedia Platinum Services we promise to provide your company with the best foreign language solutions that is going to be most trusted localization solutions. I am sure that this is going to be all that you need. For any company it is very difficult to build and maintain all the reputation of the company just like money reputation also requires years’ of hard work and loads of good will in the market then only the business can stand up high in the market. This is what we believe in and make all the efforts to provide you with the best ever Language Translation services by employing in-house and freelance interpreters, translators, HR managers, web programmers, quality assurance managers, account managers, and proofreaders. These services and the translators who we have hired help us to achieve total satisfaction from the clients as it makes us get in touch with them easily.

So, what are you thinking about so intensely just browse through our unmatched Language Translation Services. We are sure that we won’t let you down. At last we wish you Happy browsing…..!