Placement FAQ

How much do you recruitment companies cost?

This varies depending on the seniority level of recruitment and the nature of your business. For example, if it is difficult to find candidates in your business sector, we may want you to pay to advertise the role in specific business publications.

For permanent employees, we charge between 8.33% and 15% per cent of the first year’s annual salary for that employee. For temporary workers, we charge a budgeted amount on top of the hourly fee that you would usually expect to pay.

If I didn’t want to use a recruitment agency like yours how else would I employ staff?

Advertising in local newspapers and magazines can be effective. Another option is to advertise online – both on your website and on dedicated job sites (some of which are free). It may also be worth thinking about contacting the professional body in your business sector to see what advice they are giving on finding suitable candidates. But it is always better to keep a recruitment agency involved for better and refined options.

What are the main advantages of using a recruitment company like yours?

Recruitment agencies like us save you time. We will simply send you candidates for interview, rather than you wasting your time by sifting through CVs. As to have a database of many people looking for work, we can often find potential candidates very quickly.

If you are recruiting temporary workers, we eliminate the need for you to spend time drawing up contracts or dealing with payroll issues.

We can arrange for applicants to sit tests devised by you before sending them for interview, helping ensure you get the right caliber of candidates.

What can we do to help linguist get employed?

Lingvopedia offers assistance to linguists for the kind of job they want to do.

Lingvopedia has been catering with variety of high-end clients in various text areas and we require your expertise to provide us valuable linguistic services in your subject area to ensure flexible accommodation of your inputs, imperative for production, planning and promotion.

In view of the above, Lingvopedia proposes to conduct a recruitment drive for language specialists to create a panel on an overall basis. The centralized database of this panel will be accessed by Lingvopedia and by our clients who has a proposal to access our database for placing you for further upcoming jobs.

As you can appreciate, this is a gigantic task and requires your active support for which you need to fill up the resume form and upload your resume.

You will hear from us once we have a right job for you!

What is activity-based placement by Lingvopedia?

Linguist recruitment – Our Practice

We endeavor to provide the top talent of the industry to our esteemed clients through the following pattern.


Understands the need of the organization.

Identifies the potential candidates via:

Internal information network

Media means / advertisements

Inputs from the client organization

Short-lists 3-4 precise profile candidates by personal interviews done by us.

Provides background information of short-listed to clients.

Organizes personal interview of senior positions.

Assists in selection, joining and reference checks.
Linguist recruitment – How are we unique?

We have right credentials i.e. Introduction to domestic & international business with on the job experience in various fields in different industries.

We pact with chosen few professional establishments.

We focus on search assignments for selection process.

We focus on qualitative work by understanding the needs of the organization as well as expectations of the aspirant.

We recommend only 3-4 candidates after our own meticulous short listing.

We opt to be involved in final selection process for linguist title.

We prefer to say no than to make halfhearted efforts


Enhanced self-esteem, confidence and feeling of control in their lives through active involvement in an individualized job search plan

Increased focus and power in daily activities by being accountable to self and others for meeting measurable, achievable ends

Development of skills which will serve them throughout their work lives.

How do we contact Lingvopedia?

It is easy to register as an employer and post your jobs. You just need to fill up one page form giving information about your organization and your job posting. We shall get back to you with a proposal of surfing unlimited talent from Lingvopedia’s databank, which shall include all business terms along with a professional fees for the service provided.