Multilingual Website Translation

Does your website attract visitors from around the globe?

Do your potential customers speak different languages?

How can you communicate with them?

One of the most obvious ways is to speak their language. Many websites need to be developed in several languages. Multilingual website design is a specialized skill and we offer these specialized multilingual web design skills and have experience building websites in European Languages, Asian Languages, Middle Eastern Languages and Indian Languages. We work closely with the translation team to assure the rapid development of the multilingual website. Yet, if you currently have an English language company website, you’ve already invested a significant amount of time and money and a little more investment for localizing your website in different languages according to your need will help you in this globalization era.

Our website translation services cover everything from simple web translation through to complex transaction / e-commerce sites, legal translation, technical documents etc.

The multilingual website design process goes much deeper than straightforward translation. It involves meeting both technical and linguistic challenges.
We can provide a total solution in website localization, from original website analysis to target website delivery. Website Localization and Testing is conducted in the following phases:

  • Text Extraction/Material Analyses
  • Content Translation
  • Content Insertion
  • Online Functionality Testing and proofreading
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