Lingvopedia’s qualified professional multilingual transcriptionists provide high-quality multilingual transcription services for all types of audio and video recordings.

Lingvopedia offers multilingual transcripts at a price you can afford for major Indian and foreign languages in the following domains:

Transcription from Audio:

Professionally, we transcribe audio analogue to text and audio digital to writing in the form of speeches, interviews, lectures, group discussions etc. for MP3 source formats.

Transcription from Video:

Altogether, we provide accurate transcripts for video files like DVD’s, Analog Videotapes, Webcasts, Podcasts, Video Blogs, and YouTube Videos.

Reasons to choose Lingvopedia’s transcription services

  • Quick TAT
  • Quality transcripts
  • Highest level of accuracy in major Indian and foreign languages
  • Budget-friendly transcriptions
  • Most experienced and most highly trained transcription experts
  • Capability to work on significant audio and video formats
  • Secured FTP to share source files and transcripts
  • Use of human language resources

For bilingual and multilingual audio video transcribing or to enquire more about our multilingual language transcription services, please contact us. You can always be assured of a warm and helpful voice from our Lingvian anytime you call our number.

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Bilingual and Multilingual Audio Video Transcribing