Multilingual Translations and DTP Services

Translation in different languages looks raw and uninteresting unless they are typeset rightly to convey a better sense across all markets and cultures.  For this, our DTP operators offer Multilingual DTP services where the typesetting of multilingual translated documents and materials in raw art files, editable images, and editable page layout are done with implementing minor changes in the design you wish to use.

Multilingual DTP of the translations has to have the flip-book effect where there is a need to maintain uniformity across all the document leaves, i.e. all layouts, templates, designs etc. This guideline to carry a similar length of the text in different languages is only to preserve the document-standard to pass on the right message across all markets and cultures.

Lingvopedia has a perfect team of highly qualified (skilled) DTP specialists and graphic designers to provide quality multilingual typesetting services. They work in the latest software & applications, necessary to prepare any project, of any size, in every language, in any format. Following are the platforms they work on MS Office, Adobe Software, Quark Express & CorelDraw in the time specified by our clients at competitive per-page pricing.

We have been catering the multilingual DTP services in the formats mentioned above and software to a variety of clientele in both PC and Mac platforms. Hence, we call upon you to express your interest concerning the graphic areas catered by us. In all our projects, the graphic designer is carefully chosen based on education, accreditation, language & software skills that enable our team to deliver critical projects quickly with outstanding quality.

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Multilingual Translations and DTP Services