Languages are not just a mechanism that we are awarded and rewarded with but they are more than this. Languages are nowadays means of earning our bread and butter. We all have languages in our cognitive facility but only humans have the ability to speak languages. Yes, even the small insects have their own communication network that is very different from us, they communicate through sounds, their antennas, and send signals. These are the few ways in which they are able to connect themselves. Isn’t that amazing! Yes it really is to know this amazing fact that god has gifted us with.

Everything around us is for a reason and they have their primitive roles that they have to perform to make the life lovely and wonderful. Similarly languages shape us in a finer way, makes us cultured. In this blog I am going to tell you how important it is to learn languages, how essential languages are for us. Translation Services are the services that made me realize the importance of languages in our lives. I am an Indian and being an Indian I am aware of the abundance of languages in our country. Yes, India is land of many languages.

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Though India is land of languages but still English the language of the colonizers is still heavy on our Indian languages. Huh! Even after getting freedom we are still bounded by the ties of this past. Indian Language Translation Company has seen a long period of struggled transition; yes it was full of struggle to promote the use of Indian languages. This struggle is our own cultivation as we feel low while talking in Hindi or any other language. As a linguist I was ashamed to see this scenario as our languages are worth a lot but they are just murdered like anything.

But I must thank Translation Agencies as they have helped a lot to stop this cold murder of languages. I remember the time when I was told by my professor that she actually saw a mother beating her child as he was speaking his mother tongue in the market place. Isn’t this awful? Yes it really is languages are meant to be our pride our honor not the reason for our embarrassment. I really adore the advertisement that is being telecasted for the telecom company that states that all “ apni boli ka apna maza”, yes it is well said it is really amazing to use your mother tongue. The comfort that the mother tongue provides is just incredible. Advertising Translation Services is doing a commendable job!

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