Interpreting Services – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between interpreters and translators?

Broadly speaking, interpreters take verbal or sign language from one client and convert it accurately and objectively into the language that the other party understands (target language). This enables effective communication between the two parties who do not have a common language. Translators do the same with written texts and produce documents in writing which reflect the quality of the original text.

What is a simultaneous language interpreter?

Simultaneous Language Interpreter is a key to access instance communication between the two different speech communities involved in a business dealings. Many Clients rely on simultaneous interpretation as their primary mode of communication.

These services are ideal for large conferences and meetings. Here our interpreters are skilled in speaking and listening through specialized equipments at the same time and deliver the translated speech without any interruptions a few seconds behind the original speaker.

What is a consecutive language interpreter?

This is one of the most widely used language interpreter technique. Consecutive interpretation is often bi-directional and is most suited for one-on-one situations such as trials, small group discussions, market research projects (primary & secondary), outings, travel, site visits, social engagements etc.

Why do I need an interpreting service?

Interpreting Services are spread everywhere, it won’t be wrong if I say where there is language associated with business there will be need for Interpreting Services. Clear and accurate communication is essential, whether you are a business trying to expand your market overseas or a doctor treating a patient. There is no virtue to any business on earth without Interpreting Services.

Are Lingvopedia’s interpreters certified?

Yes we a sure you that we do have access to Certified Interpreters. We provide Interpreters who are certified from a particular body. We generally aim at providing interpreters with high qualification in the language and having an exposure to the industry. For us our reputation and clients satisfaction is must hence a certified Interpreters helps us to achieve our targets.

Is there a fee for interpreting services?

Yes there is, and these are, there is a per day and per half day fee for any Interpreting Service appointments and the fee vary per on the basis of language resources, languages, no. of days, type of interpretation etc.

How much notice is required to book an interpreter?

You need to give us Two (2 weeks’) weeks’ notice. This is the maximum time period that is required to book an interpreter.

However, we do accept last minute requests as well, but we can’t guarantee you that we will have an interpreter available with us at that point of time.

Two days period is minimum that we ask for booking an interpreter. Urgent requirement and the short period notice then the mentioned above will create more chaos for all and a headache to you. Therefore, it is always better to be prepared beforehand.

How can I schedule an Interpreter?

Interpretation service can be provided by telephone, fax, TTY, e-mail and Video Phone.

When scheduling an Interpreter, you will be asked to give the following information:

  • Date and Time of the appointment
  • Estimated length of appointment
  • Client’s first and last name
  • Specific location information and pertinent information about the
  • situation which will assist the interpreter in preparing for the
  • Billing address and Phone number
  • Contact person

How many interpreters work for Lingvopedia?

Lingvopedia is the leading Interpreter service provider in India as well as globally. Lingvopedia language solutions is located in the heart of India i.e. Delhi (capital of India), we have a associate staff of some 500+ and a support staff as well. Hence there is a big network of Interpreters that Lingvopedia has.

Can I choose my Interpreter?

Yes, why not you are absolutely free to do that, you can state your preference for an Interpreter and conduct an interview with them for their evaluation.We will do our best to accommodate your request. It will depend on the availability of the interpreter and if the Interpreter is registered to work with us.

Why are two Interpreters required for certain simultaneous appointments?

For appointments that entail more than 1.5 hours of simultaneous interpreting, 2 interpreters are required. Of course, the details of each assignment will determine how many interpreters are needed.