Interpretation FAQ’s

Q. How high are interpretation costs in Lingvopedia?

A. The proportion of the cost of interpretation depends on the type of interpretation and also the language. It also depends on many factors such as location, time etc.

Q. How many interpreters work for Lingvopedia?

A. Interpreters of Lingvopedia: Lingvopedia for interpretation is the leading service provider in the India as well as globally. Located in Delhi( India), it has a associate staff of some 5,000 support staff.

Q.What are the kind of interpretation services that Lingvopedia offers?

A. Click here :

Q. How does interpretation work in Lingvopedia?

 A. The idea here is that speakers are free to express themselves in their own tongue, or a language they feel comfortable in, while it is assumed they have enough passive knowledge of their language to follow the rest of the proceedings in that language.