When foreign language translation companies are successful, they improve productivity, creativity, employee involvement and job security. This improvement is frequently seen at the core of participative management with an effort to involve employees in company’s decision making. The involved employees whom we are talking about are the translation project managers, who play a vital role in helping an organization reach its goals by following the said duties which is generic with every successful translation agency.

Whatever the purpose and function of the team make sure you and your fellow translation project managers understand the following individual responsibilities, processes and tools:

• Support cost estimate analysis and preparation
• Development of efficient workflows and oversee the use and maintenance of tools such as translation memories, style guides, and glossaries
• Preparation of files to be translated
• Placement of projects
• Negotiation of budgets and deadlines with freelance translators
• Development of schedules
• Supervision of the progress of translation projects
• Updating translation database
• Investigating client language questions
• Work as part of a team to ensure workloads are evenly distributed and
• Maintain accurate and up-to-date administrative tasks and management reporting. Analysis of projects using translation memory software.
Project management requires close attention. Select project team members carefully on the basis of the below mentioned qualifications to balance translation talents and be sure to agree on project goals at the outset to avoid confusion, personal animosity and wasted time:

• Bachelor’s degree in business, foreign language, translation, or related field
• Minimum two years translation industry experience including use of translation tools or four years in project management
• Able to juggle multiple tasks under pressure in a fast-paced environment
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Positive attitude and a true team player
• Ability to develop budgets and timelines
• Energetic self-starter with initiative and creative approach to problem solving
• Strong computer skills including MS Office and Internet applications
• Commitment to professional customer service
• Fluency in second language and English

Next, when a translation company find themselves off course or slipping behind in the race, rightly recruited translation project managers can help them adjust their targets to get to the head of the competitive fleet. These business improvement ideas and changes translate directly into measurable, immediate, significant, and lasting financial performance improvement of translation companies and agencies. If you are a recruiter of the translation project manager, try to contribute to both the responsibilities and qualifications; use your recruiting skills and powers of observations along with the above to size up a right recruitment for your translation company just like the recruitment team of Lingvopedia Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd. who does the same for all their vacancies.
Please share your recruitment views to make this recruitment even more successful?

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