During our daily course of operations, we come across a lot of funny machine translations, interpretations, voice over recordings etc., which gives human linguist community a much-needed laugh in the industry.

To not to become a part of this laugh, Lingvopedia provides professional language solutions that are exclusively run by native–speaking humans, not machines! We aim to become one of the best quality driven and time efficient foreign language consultant in the industry. With the help of human-powered linguistic platform, we mix humans and technology in a unique way. The team at Lingvopedia, consisting of dedicated project managers, HR managers, account managers and other management who are closely working with a 1000+ language resources including translators, proofreaders, editors, interpreters and other linguists certified and experienced professional linguists provide quick and efficient translation, interpretation, transcription and other linguistic services.

For all important assignments where a professional human linguist is needed, a professional language company like ours must be chosen.

For quick turnaround and best quality services, please place your order using our 1-2-3 steps process on our website or contact us for more details. We will be happy to serve you!