With today’s economy and the ease of finding companies outside of the developed economies thanks to the Internet, it seems like outsourcing foreign language translation is more popular than ever. The rates are usually much, much lower than industry standard in the developing economies, mostly due to the companies paying lower salaries to their direct employees.
The lure of the model is obvious. Virtual corporations shrink the core translation activities they pursue internally, while relying heavily on translation outsourcing many of those activities to strategic translators or translation agency partners. At the same time, they seek to increase the number and nature of product offerings, many of which are also offered by their partners. As a result, traditional corporate boundaries disappear. Staffing, risks, benefits, and regulatory compliance are all increasingly externalized, and is close to the dangers of outsourcing as well.
Imagine a patient from France is to have a surgery in a hospital based in India for which the medical company in France outsources all the related documents to be translated for this surgery into English and Hindi. Now, for instance this translation turns inaccurate due to outsourcing to a bad translator to save cost for which that hospital relied on to treat the patient. This error in the translation might lead the patient receive a lethal dose of a wrong medicine which can even cause death.
There are a lot of outsourcing portals that allows you to post a job to the site further to which you receive responses to complete your work. What if the outsourcing systems don’t have a professional channel to get registered like clearing a test to do the work? You could be receiving translation work from someone who knows very little English, someone with no knowledge of your business, interests or what you do, or a magnitude of other problems.
“Selecting a certified translator or translation agency,”
This arrangement offers organizations a valuable path which is responsive in terms of delivering a quality translation.
This solution has specifically given the best contribution to the companies which outsource translation to partners across different locations in the world. Also, expertise in communication capabilities, technical expertise and favorable financial packages are the most important advantages of outsourcing to a certified translator or translation agency.

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