Lingvopedia offers translation proofreading services to support its clients for proofreading and editing their existing translations; it also provides back-translation services, only wherever accuracy and clarity are imperative especially for informed medical consent, clinical trials, pharmaceutical, market research and legal documents.

We commit to creating more strong translations by offering our editing, proofreading and backward translation services at a competitive price for which each member is carefully vetted based on education, accreditation, specialized skills, CAT tools usability and lastly the editing style.

While offering editing and proofreading services, our team members confidentially review the translated document for grammar, spelling, formatting, word choice, sentence structure, style, syntax, consistency, adherence to your preferred style guide and more. They edit their changes and deliver your revised document with more accurate text.

Whereas in backward translation services, our project team convert previously translated documents into another language back to the original language. Commonly, it is performed by a second translator who was never involved in the project or its specific connection.

The process of backward translation is especially useful for clients who want to ensure the absolute quality and accuracy to their documents. Notwithstanding extra time, back-translation is an excellent way of assessment of the quality of the translated, edited and proofread content.

We offer swift and reliable proofreading, editing and back translation experience with a focus on your needs using your inputs obtained from your guidelines. Our project management team, including in-house key project managers and freelance native proofreaders, helps you provide with an accurate, high quality and professionally translated content.

Again adhering very strictly to the clients’ request – something Lingvopedia is appreciated; we have always proven our concern for accuracy by offering the client consistent, quality proofreading services by our second team of native proofreading professionals. Many millions of words of proofreading experience speak for Lingvopedia.

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