Translation service specially designed for agricultural industry

For the sake of consistency and uniformity the translations are assigned to the native speakers of the respective Indian and foreign languages who contemplates according to the agricultural field.

Our translators use vast and permanently updated agriculture glossary built up constantly by incorporating new terms over the period of translating agriculture documents. This encourages us to commit on consistency and standardization of the translation of crop science documents, forestry reports, irrigation and drainage documents, fertilizers and composts studies, agrochemicals catalogs, farm management books, agricultural economies articles etc.

To achieve quality translation services for the agricultural field we:

  • Use native translators of the respective foreign languages involved.
  • Provide translations in 60 major languages.
  • Use native translators who have translation qualifications and specializations in this field.
  • Meet the agreed TAT without compromising the quality of translations.
  • Offer a quick and reliable translation services.
  • Use latest translation technology such as translation CAT tools.
  • Maintain the look and feel of the translated documents during DTP services as an additional paid service.
  • Have a QA in place for the entire translation process. Also, proofing services from a 2nd translator can be availed at an additional cost.
  • Give post-translation preferential changes support from the translators working on your documents.

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