Technology Making Mark in the Field of Translation…!!!

Saving your time and money is a part of our business goal for which technology is amazing our team to empower localisation and translation solutions of all types of materials, in all mediums, on all platforms (including PC, Mainframe, Mac, UNIX, PocketPC, and PalmOS platforms) by using CAT tools combination with other tools like PMS, CMS etc. CAT Tools builds Translation Memory and re-uses previously translated common phrases and sentences so you don’t have to spend money over and over again, speeding up the work and lowering your costs. Putting this tool for all of our translation professionals means the benefits are to both the client and Lingvopedia in terms of cost and time. At Lingvopedia, we pride ourselves in our ability to implement and improve emerging technologies so we can work fast and smarter for our clients.
For this reason, we maintain a dedicated, in-house team to build memory and accumulate memory from the translators for all the regular translation assignments of the same client in the same domain and make the use of the right technology to have the benefits pass on to the client in terms of time and money. The use of technology is the peak of success the way the new televisions are being produced is a living example to everyone. So, lets enjoy the usage of this exciting technology that is been acquired by us to give clear benefits to both translation providers and clients and implement them whenever they can be of service to our clients.