Increasing efficiency in Service Industry

Today, we are in a globalised world and face so many challenges in our business or profession, domestically as well as from overseas. There is a cut-throat competition among the various players in every field. So, efficiency is the need of the hour and alertness and expertise are the weapons to face these challenges. For this purpose everyone has to make a proper strategy and planning for achieving higher growth in any business or profession we carry on. Utmost important aspect in this direction is increasing efficiency and confidence building with your Forces. Forces in the sense, they may be your staff, executives of the company or marketing team.
We conduct special workshop on:
This programme is designed for:
1. Public limited companies, partnership firms, sole proprietorship, dealership agencies, advertising agencies, marketing agencies and any other Business concern which wants to improve efficiency.
Focus and contents of the Workshop:
– How to build confidence within us
– How to make an effective communication
– How we can make a successful deal
– How to understand and solve customer problems
– How to achieve the targets
We conduct two types of workshop
1. 2 hour short course workshop
2. Full day workshop (with 2 descriptive sessions and 1 question and answer session and 1 practical roll play session)

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