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    Lingvopedia Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ( ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company), www.lingvopedia.com
    Outsourcing translation can be complicated, at Lingvopedia we make it easy, suitable and economical under the guidance and assistance of our associated professionals. To provide quality translation services we strictly observe the code of professional work flow. If you’re searching for a trusted translation vendor using the advanced translation tools, then email us at info@lingvopedia.com or call us on +91 (011) 29841099, int’l no.: +1 646 472 5000.
    Interpreting service level changes with the industry type & general requirements like speeches, meetings, conferences, conversation, court etc. So we offer requisite language interpretation services like market research interpreting, conference interpreting, legal interpreting, community interpreting & other occupational interpreting. Interpretation service RFQ is welcomed at info@lingvopedia.com or call us on +91 (011) 29841099, 46520739.
    We offer DTP solutions in major Indian and foreign languages. We have capabilities to play with multilingual texts to localize and typeset all possible open format artworks using a wide range of file formats like Adobe ( All Products) Version CS2/ CS3/CS4/CS5, QuarkXPress, CorelDRAW Version 11 – 16, MS Office 2000 – 2010 etc. For all foreign language desktop publishing services, multilingual typesetting services & artwork localization services, email us on info@lingvopedia.com or call us on +91 (011) 29841099, 46520739.
    As a leading multilingual & bilingual staffing agency, Lingvopedia ensures your company receives the highest quality of translator recruitment services and other bilingual & multilingual staffing services to fulfill your permanent, contractual and temporary staffing needs seeing your long term business goals. For specialized staffing solution, email us on info@lingvopedia.com or call us on +91 (011) 29841099, 46520739.
    Lingvopedia, an oriented multilingual transcription contractor with versatile specialized expertise in transcribing foreign language audio video files, looks forward to act as your transcriptionist in major Indian & foreign languages. To outsource your multilingual files for transcription, email us on info@lingvopedia.com or call us on +91 (011) 29841099, 46520739.

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